About ATEI Consortium

Consortium ATEI is a union of companies, where they add their competencies to provide complex engineering solutions for the customers and to represent the companies of the consortium in the different markets by one of the consortium members as leader. Target is, to offer tailor made solution to the customer by the company, which has the best requirements in the market.

The companies of CONSORTIUM ATEI are: 
   AAB Automatisierungs- und Anlagen Ltd 
The company, located in Neustadt/Orla/Thuringia, partner of AAB Anlagenbau I&E for the business in foreign countries is specialized in design and realisation of project solutions for electrical plants, medical and laboratory equipment, automation, IT networks, air conditioning and low voltage supply plants. 

TEXTIMA Export & Import Ltd 
The company from Berlin works as a trading house in selling of technological high sophisticated investment goods very successful, mainly in Russia and the  markets  of  Eurasian  Economical  Union.  They  have  had  established  a business unit for engineering, which is able to work as contractor general for turnkey investment projects in industry and health care. Also the company is experienced in providing of tailor made financing solutions for the customer in cooperation with leading international finance institutions. 

EFA Hochbau Ltd 
The company from Pössneck/Thuringia has long-term experience as con- tractor general or as specialized construction company in establishing of high complex building structures for industry, social buildings, research and education, as for healthcare like surgery theaters, intensive care centers, departments for image-guided diagnostics, laboratories or stationaries.

Inmar Ltd 
The company from Lauf in Bavaria works with a qualified network of part- ners in Middle East-, Gulf- and Northafrican region, who are able to develop investment projects successfully in the healthcare and laboratory sector. In cooperation with local architect and engineering offices they realize design projects for the customers.